Buried In Time EP

by .oilage

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A few of the outtakes from Death Songs. Download includes 6 more (shitty) outtakes!

Check out Death Songs!



released November 10, 2016




.oilage Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

weirdness, outtakes and rejects of my musical project.

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Track Name: At The Work
smoking a cigar, drinking coffee
time won't pass and this is boring
i'm blowing my life, one cancer at the time
and going to the doctor, he says I ain't fine

but I don't care
i'm living the day
even if in this world
i'm not going to stay

i see the children die
i see my smoke go into the sky
i saw the windows a second before
weren't they doors?
Track Name: Every Waking Moment
Every waking minute
I'll be looking at pictures
Every waking moment
I'll be waiting for something
Track Name: That One Where I Accidently Bruce Springsteen
We're not sorry
we will stand for everything we had to do
But you are telling me
That there was no reason for breaking the rules
(well thats no excuse) for the way you do these things
what's the difference from the bending you all are doing now
treating us like we're nothing
and everyone that's not on your side like animals
but it won't be long
and everyone is going to see our side
they will see your lies
and I sincerely hope you are nowhere in sight
Track Name: Bleed
I was walking on this side of the street
we will never meet
I was wondering what my insides were doing
but these will never bleed
Track Name: Loved One
I'm not your loved one
I'm just your desire

let go of my hand and walk away
you don't care about me anyway
you can say you can't read my mind
but then just look me in the eye

I'm not your loved one
I'm just your desire